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The Manchester Beth Din

The Manchester Beth Din recognise Rabbi Eisenstein שליט"א and Rabbi Rochman שליט"א as experts in Eruvim and fully support the construction of the Eruv Mehudar under plans made under their supervision.

HoRav Schneebalg שליט"א

We are very encouraged by the warm support, encouragement and advice given to the Manchester Eruv project by HoRav Schneebalg שליט"א and especially his ברכה to Rav Eisentein שליט"א and Rav Rochman שליט"א that their work should meet with success.

Dayan Westheim שליט"א

Dayan Westheim שליט"א fully supports the current Eruv project. Dayan Westheim שליט"א was inspired that we should have an Eruv in Manchester after hearing that Dayan Weiss זצ"ל totally supported the idea. He was encouraged to formulate the original plans by Rav Schneebalg שליט"א and in fact took Rav Shmuel Wosner שליט"א around his then proposed Eruv.

Manchester Rabbonim

The Manchester Eruv enjoys broad communal support from Rabbonim in Manchester